Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Russian Inventor Makes Propeller Backpack!

Travelling in the snow can be a hazardous and tiresome task with trains not running, buses cancelled and icy roads causing car crashes.

A Russian inventor may have created a new method of transport that could make commuting in blizzards a lot easier.
Sergei Khvalin, from Dzerzhinsk in central Russia, can often be seen leaving his apartment with a pair of skis and a large wooden propeller on his back.
Khvalin said: "It is a new way of transportation. Whoever does downhill skiing should understand this. It is speed, first of all and then this thing weighs 15 kilograms, so it can also be used as a workout machine.
"And it is great to just race straight with high speed."
Neighbours have nicknamed the inventor Karlsson after a fictional character created by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren who is incredibly popular among children in Russia. Karlsson is an ordinary man living in Stockholm who can press a button on his stomach that powers a propeller on his back, allowing him to fly.


  1. Wow. Impressive russian is impressive

  2. awesome! i want one!

  3. low-flying birds better watch the fuck out. i think it's too dangerous for mass commercial use as is.

  4. seems dagerous. but who cares. jet skis.
    will be following daily.
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  5. This thing have injury written all over it


  7. omg i want that backpack, i could perfect it somehow with my engineering tools!!

  8. have friends who smoke roxys. feelbadman