Saturday, February 5, 2011

Man Convicts Himself By Calling 911!

A US man may have become the least successful marijuana grower in history after he unwittingly dobbed himself in to a 911 operator.

Robert Michelson, 21, called the emergency number and asked "how much trouble you can get into for one plant".

Police traced the call to the man's Connecticut home, where they found a small amount of pot.

The man was arrested for possession and released on $5000 bail.

Go here to listen to the call, it's pretty funny :P

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dumb Criminals!

I might start a series of posts based on stupid criminal stories, as I quite like them and I think others do too. Well, without further ado, here you go!

A 26-year-old man was arrested in San Pablo, Calif., in December and accused of stealing a taxi after tricking the driver into momentarily exiting the cab. The man then drove to a Department of Motor Vehicles office, where he attempted to register ownership of the car. 

According to the Herald Times, an amateur criminal accidentally texted some secret information to the wrong number, making for the most unsuccessful drug deal ever. How? The recipient of the message was the deputy prosecuter! Although the actual words seem like harmless nonsense (“Roxy twenties fifteen”), Indiana policemen say it’s code for oxycodon and other prescription drugs. Soon he’ll be heading to prison, which I’ve heard is infamous for its dead zones.

Valuable Lesson Number Two: Not EVERY creepy person is a criminal. Most of us have been out and about long enough to see our share of whackos. The guy in the Chuckie Cheese costume? No, not jail material. The old lady in your neighborhood with a license in taxidermy? Very creepy, but not illegal.
Also, sometimes the LEAST dangerous-looking people are the ones police have to look out for. These two dudes from the Washington Post  seem to have forgotten that important fact. After shoplifting almost $500 worth of soap and shampoo from a local CVS (Yes. Out of all the wonderful, exquisite things in a drugstore, they stole SOAP), they made their getaway in a stolen Good Humor ice cream truck. This plan seemed to be working out well until a mob of angry children suffering from sugar-withdrawal chased them down, demanding frozen treats. Just kidding! A few days later, the police received a call about the crime and began to chase the suspects down. Lucky for the cops, there was only one suspicious-looking ice cream truck going 80 miles per hour. Eventually, it crashed into another car and the two men were arrested on charges of theft, reckless driving, and eluding the police. So, the moral of the story is: no matter how great it seems, a truckful of ice cream is NOT the answer to everything.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Russian Inventor Makes Propeller Backpack!

Travelling in the snow can be a hazardous and tiresome task with trains not running, buses cancelled and icy roads causing car crashes.

A Russian inventor may have created a new method of transport that could make commuting in blizzards a lot easier.
Sergei Khvalin, from Dzerzhinsk in central Russia, can often be seen leaving his apartment with a pair of skis and a large wooden propeller on his back.
Khvalin said: "It is a new way of transportation. Whoever does downhill skiing should understand this. It is speed, first of all and then this thing weighs 15 kilograms, so it can also be used as a workout machine.
"And it is great to just race straight with high speed."
Neighbours have nicknamed the inventor Karlsson after a fictional character created by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren who is incredibly popular among children in Russia. Karlsson is an ordinary man living in Stockholm who can press a button on his stomach that powers a propeller on his back, allowing him to fly.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Teacher Banned From Teaching For Touching Arm

A TEACHER with 50 years’ experience has told of her devastation after being banned from her school over claims she assaulted a pupil.

Thelma Hoskins, 67, said she simply put her hand on the nine-year-old boy’s arm after telling him off in class for disrupting a lesson.
A parent made a complaint and she was ordered to stay away from St Winefride’s Catholic Primary School in Bradford, West Yorkshire.
The school’s head teacher, Maureen Cairns, has also been suspended by the ­Catholic Diocese of Leeds.
Teachers at the school are understood to have rallied round the pair.
One said: “They have done nothing wrong and have been treated ­disgracefully. Now you can’t even tell off a child without getting into ­trouble.” Mrs Hoskins, who has taught at the school for two and half years, said: “I chastised a child who would not shut up. We had been doing some work and each group was showing what they were doing.
“I had him out in the front and told him: ‘Do you know you are doing wrong? Shut up and listen.’
“Later a parent made a complaint to the head. Mrs Cairns and I spoke to the little boy together and he agreed that he had been disruptive and said sorry to Mrs Cairns. I went off on ­holiday for Easter assuming it was all done with.
“When I got back the deputy head told me the ­governors had asked me to stay away. It is terrible when you know you have done nothing wrong.”
Bradford Council said: “It would be inappropriate for us to comment until the investigation is concluded.”

Read more:

When I heard about this article it seemed ridiculous. But when I read the whole thing I thought maybe it wasn't just for touching his arm. The way she talked to that boy seemed completely uncalled for. Oh well..

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Two Robbers Snort Remains??!!?!

This article is a bit disturbing, but it was so weird I just had to share it.

Police said they will search Thursday for what is left of the cremated remains of a man and two dogs that robbers stole from a Florida house and then snorted after mistakenly thinking it was cocaine.
Members of the Marion County sheriff's department dive team say they will search a lake in the area where they think the remainder of the ashes may have been dumped.
The robbery occurred in December in a home in the central Florida area of Silver Springs, the sheriff department said in a statement.

'Nuclear Sludge' Candy Bars Recalled

WASHINGTON — The U.S. government says candy imported from Pakistan called Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge is not safe to eat. Who would have guessed?
The Food and Drug Administration announced that the U.S. distributor of Nuclear Sludge chew bars is recalling the candy because of lead contamination. No one has been sickened, but the FDA said elevated lead content could be harmful to small children, infants and pregnant women.
The candies were manufactured in Pakistan. Indianapolis-based Candy Dynamics said it would stop selling all Nuclear Sludge candy in the U.S. The candy is wrapped in bright yellow caution-like tape, and the company’s website features the screech of a blaring warning horn. The bars were distributed in stores throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Car Crashes...Right Into Police Station!

Car accidents are NEVER a good thing. Especially when you end up crashing right into the front door of the place you should definitely steer clear of. And no, sadly, this story doesn’t involve banana peels or red turtle shells.

According to the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle newspaper, two cars were involved in an action-movie-spoof-let’s-shoot-at-each other-while-driving kind of thing. One of the cars got hit, and stopped right away. The other swerved out of control and couldn't stop moving…until it crashed right into the local police department office. Needless to say, they were arrested fairly quickly. You know what they say: if opportunity comes knocking, arrest it!