Monday, January 31, 2011

Teacher Banned From Teaching For Touching Arm

A TEACHER with 50 years’ experience has told of her devastation after being banned from her school over claims she assaulted a pupil.

Thelma Hoskins, 67, said she simply put her hand on the nine-year-old boy’s arm after telling him off in class for disrupting a lesson.
A parent made a complaint and she was ordered to stay away from St Winefride’s Catholic Primary School in Bradford, West Yorkshire.
The school’s head teacher, Maureen Cairns, has also been suspended by the ­Catholic Diocese of Leeds.
Teachers at the school are understood to have rallied round the pair.
One said: “They have done nothing wrong and have been treated ­disgracefully. Now you can’t even tell off a child without getting into ­trouble.” Mrs Hoskins, who has taught at the school for two and half years, said: “I chastised a child who would not shut up. We had been doing some work and each group was showing what they were doing.
“I had him out in the front and told him: ‘Do you know you are doing wrong? Shut up and listen.’
“Later a parent made a complaint to the head. Mrs Cairns and I spoke to the little boy together and he agreed that he had been disruptive and said sorry to Mrs Cairns. I went off on ­holiday for Easter assuming it was all done with.
“When I got back the deputy head told me the ­governors had asked me to stay away. It is terrible when you know you have done nothing wrong.”
Bradford Council said: “It would be inappropriate for us to comment until the investigation is concluded.”

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When I heard about this article it seemed ridiculous. But when I read the whole thing I thought maybe it wasn't just for touching his arm. The way she talked to that boy seemed completely uncalled for. Oh well..


  1. And they wonder why all the good teachers are gone...

  2. Exactly KB, this is the kinda bs that is driving away future teachers and the seasoned ones alike!

  3. Part of the blame for the defunctionality of the younger generation lies with the parents.

  4. the thing is, in asia, it is normal. That is the way to discipline some kids lol..

  5. We need corporal punishment back, its really the only way to keep the kiddos in line.

  6. The school system has been a bunch of bull the entire time i was in it. It's unfortunate that kids can do whatever they want and then sue when punished.

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  7. This is so ridiculous. Parents are so over-protective of their kids these days.

  8. sometimes people need to understand the difference between discipline and violence

  9. sheet..... I could of done that shit.
    stupid gym teacher always slappin us kids.!/deadbeat776

    Followed and appreciated brother.

  10. Kids now a days deserve a-lot worst. Any parent that does not spank their child must have the best kids in the world. Good read, following now!

  11. Y'know, kids these days get coddled way too much. The brats need to learn the way kids used to be taught. Grab the darn ruler and make sure the kid never speaks in class again. Of course, be slightly gentle so you don't leave any incriminating marks.